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Redefining the way humans interact with cannabis.

What We Do

We approach cannabis holistically, using proprietary technology and the science of wellness to positively influence the culture and the ever-evolving cannabis market.

Transcending Cannabis

Our cannabis software platform connects cannabis consumers to premium dispensaries in their area, while providing a unique interactive app experience that ties strains to an individual's state of mind and environment.

How We Do It

We build beautiful digital products to digitally transform the purchasing experience of premium products and dispensaries.

Coming Soon

The Tóke App will be available in the iOS App Store!

Our Vibes

Energetic Vibes

Energetic vibes in an active, lively, and zestful environment.

Partner With Us

Our approach flips the cannabis purchasing experience on its head. We help dispensaries save money, provide them with new customers, and work with virtually any product or brand.

Join The Cause

Legalize Now!

“The war on drugs” needs to end now. Now, if that's going to take some time, something that should not is federal legalization of cannabis in the US. Sign the petition to reunite families affected by systematic racism.