Our Moods

Our Moods allow dispensaries to make more accurate and direct associations between a user's current setting, state of mind, and the flower's unique properties.

Nine Whole Moods

Indica Moods

Our Indica Moods are part of our Relaxing Vibes and perfect for that morning letdown, intense gaming session, or late-night movie marathon.

Hybrid Moods

Our Hybrid Moods are part of our Uplifting Vibes and perfect for those yoga bending, paint-brush stroking, Sunday afternoons.

Sativa Moods

Our Sativa Moods are part of our Energetic Vibes and perfect for that morning kick, mid-day crunch, or that random all-nighter.

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Our approach flips the cannabis purchasing experience on its head. We help dispensaries save money, provide them with new customers, and work with virtually any product or brand.

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“The war on drugs” needs to end now. Now, if that's going to take some time, something that should not is federal legalization of cannabis in the US. Sign the petition to reunite families affected by systematic racism.