Our Promise

We are a human-centric company building a place for the modern adult to enjoy premium products via a beautiful digital experience.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to help dispensaries reach their target consumers in a whole new way while complementing their brands through a unique purchasing experience.


Premium cannabis from farm to grinder. We work very closely with dispensaries to ensure freshness and consistency in all of our products and experiences.


We understand the power of human-centered, everything. As seasoned technologists, we wake up every morning to connect the right people to the right premium products.

Our Purpose

We want our customers and our partners to thrive. This is why we're driven to give the power back to the people, allowing local dispensaries to provide the best "digital budtender" experience.

Join The Cause

Legalize Now

“The war on drugs” needs to end now. Now, if that's going to take some time, something that should not is federal legalization of cannabis in the US. Sign the petition to reunite families affected by systematic racism.